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Welcome To Dronalaya

Hello, we're Dronalaya

We are not too old… in fact we are brand new. We are here to make it easier for you to ‘Discover You’.

We don’t believe age matters. Everyone is welcome, whether you are 9 or 90.

We don’t believe where you live makes a difference. Big City, Small town even if you live on the other side of the world. Do come.

All that matters on this platform is ‘Learning’. If you are interested in learning a new skill or if you are interested in sharing your knowledge, do come.

We love to learn. We hope you do too.


At Dronalaya, our aim is to connect Knowledge Seekers ‘Students’ and Knowledge Pros ‘Subject Experts’ and give them the freedom to explore new talents and impart expertise at their own convenience using our innovative real time learning platform.


Our History

We started small.

We built an online ‘real time’ learning platform with live audio video capabilities. We slowly added tools to help Knowledge Pros teach more effectively. We have also added interactive features that allow Seekers and Pros to communicate – after all we not a conventional How-To platform – we are a Revolutionary Online ‘Real Time’ Learning Platform that combines modern technology with a traditional way of teaching.

We reached out to all types of Knowledge Pros from artists and musicians to medical experts and engineers. Some professional educators, some experts – any individual who is interested in sharing their knowledge and experience.

Knowledge Pros added. Our whisper campaign – let people ‘Seekers’ know that we bring Pros to you – whether you are at home or travelling or even at office. No logistic problems and conveyance issues. Just a comfortable place where they can come grow their skills.


Our Future

Our platform is ever evolving.

We keep on adding new tools, new Pros and new workshops and courses. So, if you are an expert looking to get listed do get in touch. If you are a seeker who can’t find your desired skill let us know. We will go on a hunt and add it for you.

Are you eager to learn? Are you excited to share?


Welcome to Dronalaya!